Hell on my sight!

The worst fears l have ever had in my life since childhood is hell. Hell is firing. The dangers of the world are enough time scare me and you.

I want you observe a scar that you have in your body. It is just a scar. No doubt it will come out soon .Hell is real and forever..

I imagine the last days ,,when I will be rapturing..Am not even sure about that .God knows best.😁

You must be wondering of the emoji above. Yea,,it is true that there is Life After Death.

We keep doing our stuffs minding our stomachs.We get tired and forget the Bible. Personally l once experienced this..

It is challenging to live a pure life when your are used to the past. My reader you will agree with me that we at different.

A man would not mind divorce to marry another woman. A woman would not mind to get satisfied by another man because her man is not responsible enough.

We risk!

When was the last time you risk? There are reasonable risks and non-reasonable risks.

We blame the Devil and we are the one making that ‘Devil’ in our lives.

Somebody help me think of the direction .,are you seeing what am seeing??


We are not born singers,dancers ,comedian’s, drummist or preachers. It is inside us already.

Nurturing our talents is what we need.

Why am I Saying we should be aggressive?

*The Devil is not happy with our proceedings. Many churches, groups have fallen apart & haven’t come to terms to recollect and change what is going on.

*We have a long way to go. We should not get tired in Ministry .What you see happening to our churches ,might be or might not be normal but as a result people get used without knowing. They ignore mentorship program, seminars for uplift because they are comfortable with what they already have.

*Fear. The fear to create awareness is the Major problem. We don’t want to disturb our lives ,,our eyes ,our eyes. If you can’t talk not ever.Not till you’re get eaten up by soil.

*Face the reality. For you to be a good child and hold on to life ,,it is because of your parents. They created a great positive atmosphere with you to let go your fears and be strong.

In Ministry ,there will never miss challenges.There will never miss discouragements.A lot you will hear but that should not stop you from success. That should not be an excuse..

I once felt so low when I committed my life to become the first female to be drummist. I did not get the support I wanted to grow fully. I still don’t know what happened I went back to God,prayed to God now that there was no breakthrough for drum set.

God answered my prayer and I shifted from drummist ,but I still have the skills. I keep practising .

Today I serve God through Children Ministry and helping children to realise their talents like poems..

Yes we can make it when we believe.In God we Trust.


I have a family. I have a boyfriend who I talk to or sometimes chat with him. I have friends whom we visit each other. I have critics who stone my life . I have enemies who drive me to work hard. I have an ex boyfriend whom I just can’t forget what I passed through with him in the bridges of love.

😢Nobody wishes to die. Nobody wishes to be sick, die of mysterious disease or accident. It just happened to me..losing my grandpa at a circumstance I cannot explain. Sudden death of him reminds me that I have a long way to go.

We love everyday. We fight people. We talk behind peoples’ backs . We don’t care about heartbreaks after “there are many handsome & beautiful babies’ who are not born that will become our right partners when time comes to marry. We forget to pray

Nandy is a Tanzanian musician. She lost a big friend who supported her music career to where she is today . She earns but …, what is earning to death? What is life and love to death? What is parental care to death? What are your rights to death?

How many divorced marriages have we seen and they get together by death? How many people have we seen, we call them our ‘friends’ & they betray us?How many vote of thanks can you count since you’re born? When was the last time you talked to your ex trying to find out the welfare of him or her?

I view relationship with so much apkpure. I try to search my heart how it embarks on the challenges I face today. If one can kill himself for no reason or being his wife,,what will the prisoner do? If one can decide to torture another to speak the truth ,do we still have the world ??

The death of a loved one who you dearly love is the most painful you can go through. You cannot revenge on death. You cannot fight death. You can command death. You can rebuke its coming !

What can we say about death ..it is a killer! A witch! That person will be no more inspite of the fact that there comes an opportunity to view the body to pay the last tribute to him or her.

Death is a journey . Lucky to be born., Death a Must!

We should not give up to death for there is life after death. It is hard at time to accept that our beloved have rested and not died.

It is right time to live a lifestyle that is impressive before God. God is merciful to us. He will listen to our cry for He promised to bring us a helper to guide us all through tough and smooth times.


Halo my beloved hero/heroine.,

We were together for long, the way we lived I can’t tell.You fed us with your life and may peace be with you. We remember you in our prayers t be strong. To accept that one day you will rise again. A gap is left.Questions to be answered. We miss your cautious words. Finally God loved you most. In peace you came ,in peace you stayed and now you’re gone. As if that was not enough for us, you signed up….



As far as life is concerned there are situations you cannot escape like death, diseases and others. There are enemies in life. They are created by God to make you feel embarrassed, ashamed ,shy and be confused. There are people who will come talk to you . Discourage you from dreaming. Discourage you from thinking about life. They have to somehow tie you like a toothless dog. They feel good when life turns up and down. I look at the far I have come in martial arts. Martial arts is not a joke. It is not like mathematics 1+1=2…..

A man once approached a certain lady. He was in dire need to marry her. So each time the lady passes by or is busy ,,he would make efforts to get her contacts ,talk to her at least to explain how much he loves her and admires her efforts.

I have never been into a serious relationship although the ways of lives I see from my friends,,it is scaring. I find it awkward sometimes to love a man.. Like “Love, I love you deep inside my heart. Sweety , you have my soul intact to you .No war can separate us,not even death..”

We go ahead to make promises that we never fulfill. We pretend to love and we are infants to love. We risk to love yet we don’t have the right procedures to risk.

We take ourselves to bed ,tending to relax.., relax! Like Portiphar’s wife, we get blindfolded and blood takes control over our emotions. We mess completely. We run for help to avoid hell, e run for help like android to spell… There will never miss words about you whatsoever. Not everything is gold to propagated by glitters. Sometimes you just have to understand what is going on. What is cycling you.

Life is a cycle, from one stage to another. It is time consuming also. It is tricky and so you have to be tough.

Since we are humans beings ,,we often ignore somethings. We take them for granted and they are of help to us. I look at my life and I imagine the far I want to go whether am single or not.

There are people who sit ,relax & wait for success to follow them. They try all kinds of begging for things to work for them. Others use or play with the minds of people to earn from their backs .

Why don’t you work hard to make your life look simple, adorable ,superb ,worthy to be imitated.

Let there be a difference between a woman and a man. Let there be a difference between parents and children that way Respect will be maintained .This way there will not be any cases of confusion in our lives. Advises will be flowing in whenever we are in need of them. I would like my children to find the truth about their mother and father. Take life to another stage. It is not about marriage to solve the problems we face..

It is all about heaving our chests. Chat the way forward as we walk the talk. This is Maturity of the Highest order!

Who will understand you if you cannot talk.? Who will understand you if cannot accept liability for the new seed you are sowing wherever you are?

God loves you💖

God is Supreme. He is the Creator of Heaven and earth no matter how much we do or involve ourselves in.

God is Merciful to us.He never makes conclusions without careful reasons. He tales time to listen to your situation. If he can answer a prayer of a barren woman why not you? If God can restore one’s health ,why not you? If God can give a broken heart peace ,,why not yours? Gos is there in good times and bad times.We are human beings and anything is possible because we are after money, wealth, riches of the world.We forget that someday will die .The soil, Tue termites and others will be on us.Benefitting from our corpses.

Sometimes, I wish I spoke in my grave. I wish I find time to create time with my grave before I die. I wish I come back to life just some minutes before the final send off. 😳 Sometimes I feel el like I ….it is as if nobody consulted with me in my coming here in earth.Going through conditions that are tough to bear. Am not regretting.Am happy .I just feel emotional ….

Sometimes l look at my boy friend. The other boy friends who acted like one but never completed the probability.

It is hard to let go when one leaves you.No hug,no miss, no chat …

God is different from the way a person thinks. He is a God of Justice. He is a God of honour. He considers the best at all times.

Honeymoon Series …3

Abstain!Abstain! Abstain till you get married…

It is the joy of every man and woman to get married. It is the dream of every man and woman to go for honeymoon ,afterwards have a peaceful honeymoon together .Later a family is seen to grow.

There is no better foundation than the honeymoon of foundation. There is nothing as good as the enjoyment of honeymoon. Nothing soothes the heart more than sweet words of honeymoon. The couples enjoy with good time .No limit to impress their hearts. For the first time.

It is said that the honeymoon is all about the breaking of Virginty. Others fear to talk about it.They think that is all about “flows”💦,Thrusting💫, insane foreplays 🔥and many more.One prepares his or her mind.Honeymoon cannot take place without agreement of the two persons.Honey moon cannot palace without making proper decisions. Honeymoon cannot take place without adjustments.Honeymoon cannot take place without the consent of another.

What do I mean by consent of another??✳

The Bible talks of :- Enjoy your youth fully…. Don’t you know what it means to enjoy? The Bible didn’t restrict anyone but we go ahead to misuse this script as a result to get involved in a life we cannot consume. I once had a boyfriend who used to ask me to be friends with him ,,,but his mind was filled with nothing but sex.The second boyfriend that I happened to date was a player like me…He one day asked me to send him a half-naked passport . Oh My God!What the hell?!😈

I had to break up silently with him. It made me think twice about men.Yes,I need a man in my life but not a man who lives in a cycle of sex…Sex! Sex! Sex!Seeeeeeeex!!!Sex for crying out loud.

There people who don’t care after all.They don’t know that tomorrow it will dawn on them.They don’t know that someday they will marry or get married.

It is painful when a man reads you body during the honey moon period,, when it is over,,he sees you as a trash😣. It is painful when a man asks for sex ,,you innocently let him in and tomorrow he goes out to tell his friends that he married a “tasteless woman.” A woman with no shape, no figure, lazy in bed and immatured..

It is painful when a woman reads out your body as a man and he starts comparing you with other men. She starts hanging around to get satisfaction in another man. It is painful for a man who loves his woman ,,but the woman does not appreciate..

Honey moon is good and at the same time dangerous. Honeymoon is not all about;-


®Touching one’s part for arousal Enjoyment.

®Lust and insanity .

Honeymoon needs maturity. Good identification.Good respect.Understand. The onset of mind. Agreement for the couple .

If you are not ready to marry ,,stay away .Ask those above you.Follow the leadersAsk spiritual leaders what it means to take good care of a spouse.Attend conferences .Attend seminars.Read the bible .Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If you can see a good woman & fail to see the value in her ,stop thinking about them. Don’t mind following them.

Am just a messenger who is learning the process of interne marriage scroll.To love is different from ‘Loved’. To be loved is different from ‘loving’..There is a reason why you love .Why you want to have a man and children.There is a reason to every pain that you go through.

Heartbreaks will not end.Those breaking our hearts are also created by God .They eat ,live & drink like us.😀

Just walk the talk🚶

Make yourself happy. Thank God in your life whether you get married or not.Whether you go for honey moon or not life has to move on.

Honeymoon series is a journey and a challenge to us. To see. To be open -minded.

A GOOD HONEY MOON is one that comes at the right time of God with the right man.

Honeymoon Series

O… Men..

Am a young woman. So young .Not yet married.One can never judge,predict how tomorrow will be. The secret lies with God. Your hands are blessed to work .Your mind is blessed to think.Your eyes are blessed to see.Your ears are blessed to hear.Your legs are blessed to walk. You have no reason to fear.You have no reason to claim you can’t whatsoever.

Men have a unique characteristic in them but not all realize that.Some of them don’t believe in themselves. They have that attitude of “dependency“.

A man wants to marry a woman who can submit to him without mercy.He wants to sleep with a woman and be satisfied. He wants to come from work and want nothing but sex. “ It is honeymoon ,so what?! ” They claim it is their RIGHT* to be satisfied.It is their right to have maximum fun…life is sweet and short.😏

Research binds to us that men ;The 80% of the man’s brain is sex.

If so;-

There are different types of men ..

👉Upset minded men.

👉Lustful men.

👉Pretenders of men.

👉Focused men.

👉Patient & impatient men.

👉No vision ,no plan.

👉Ignorent men.

It is easy to read the heart of you sibling. Of course you live together.As you make love with your boyfriend ,,feelings arouse.So contact that you don’t want him to stay away fr you.Same to your right spouse yo impound to marry.


There are men who marry women who already had children with another man.There are men who marry women just to stay together,,he doesn’t want children.There are men who go ahead to marry widows and they are widowers. Women have no problem with that.The problem comes when honey moon ends and you have no plan after wards. Some men prefer to spend money on honey moon and later start a fresh.Some do it ,,just to risk to see if the woman would walk out of his life or will continue to support him and build castles together.

Is sex everything? Is sex life saver?😣Is sex sacred and precious when it comes to honeymoon? Can’t make n respect life?Can’t men respect honeymoon?Honeymoon is not a determining factor to find out whether you marriage the right partner.Fine, you might fight young best,sure¿


What do you think?Ever since we growing up,,a lot keeps happening. Stories are told of a legend. Articles are written as history to remember the way that legend lived,what he or she did for the country, family and the autobiography. We hear in our radios of great musicians who rocked the world without money, pride,selfishness of talent e.t.c. We watch movies of legends like Jacki Chan of Martial Arts,Triple Hedge of Wrestling, Bruce Lee of JKD and many more.

They are human beings who created something in their minds.They saw it work.. The case of Ben Carson;- Think Big,Gifted hands was a special case from God.He operated on the conjoined twins by the Grace of God yet he once bottomed his class.You are your own legend ,,,may be you don’t believe in yourself. May be somebody told you you aren’t because your background does not resemble that tittle *legend*. May be somebody else discouraged you from prospecting your legendary project. You know of today,, God knows of your tomorrow. JEHOVAH IS THE FINAL SAY…!!

NO man can stop God.No man can stop you from receiving impartation.How will you feel if you are a husband and your wife denies you sex?How will you feel if you are a wife and your husband brings home another woman without consent?No wonder our phones have a space for password🔒.

We are so doubtful.We see life as impossible.We take marriage to be the solution to our logs of life. Think about the present. Aren’t your tired of messy life?Aren’t you tired of being called a procrastinator? Sarah had bore no child for Abraham.She cried out to the Lord.Ran to Abraham to sleep with Lot and have children.Peninah had no child. She cried to God to grant her children like Ana.Today ,only 0.5%,,,0.5% of men can take time to understand that God is not a God of hurry. Most of them seek medication ,to and from calculations to the shrines. Divorce.Part ways .Forget about everything we shared.

Some men, are too commanding to get children and they are the problem at times.

If all of us could learn to be patient,easy understanding am sure leading good life is not a big deal. Each time I go through my website ,,in feel free… P yes you have to enjoy what you do.Have to walk magestically,prove people like ,your family 😉your more than that.At 2019, driving on.Forwarding my life.Share your experiences to people.Talk to the young people about the series of life.No wonder marriage is NOT a bed of roses🌷. In Martial arts they say “Train hard!Win easy! The hard way the only way!”

Hey,plough hard when the dogs are sleeping.. All the best☁☁

Dreams come true to those who believe .Those who risk in life.Those who have no excuse as far their backgrounds are concerned.If you can find time to chat with your girlfriend, boyfriend. If you can find time to visit your friends and have fun…THINK TWICE ABOUT IT!!

Honeymoon Series

Am sure you would love to have a big wedding one day.You would want people to come cheer you and the right man of your life or woman. Am sure you would not mind to introduce your chosen flower to the congregats at last so that no one gets to interrupt your sessions of life.I guess you have ,,or still attending more and more weddings in your church or invited by your friend somewhere else within or outside the country.

Am young to this. Am young to talk about the Honey moon Series¡.Honey moon is not meant for anyone .Not you ,not me .God is the one behind this so-called “honey moon.

People say it tastes awesome.You get addicted to it.You wanna have it everytime without a stop watch.You wanna have your partner close to you so deeply.So cinematic.Have plays and plays.Have nice words to each other.Have pillows to fight with. Have drinks to drink.Have extreme feelings.

I just love the truth.We don’t talk these issues to our teens.Teenagers marry the way they want. We don’t have time to hold seminars and ask questions .Get answers. We think it’s insane.Perhaps they might attempt to do it without the permission of an adult. Yes we have no reason to blame life events .No, we have a lot share but we are too ferry “busy” My reader, do not be surprised by this.In fact ,I encourage awareness for the young teenagers to read it and get the real picture .Once they are told out of experience then,they will protect themselves.A focused teen will no let lust affect tye ambitions ahead.

We feel so good when we see our daughters getting married.We pay tribute to them.Final words .Final touches.Tears as they leave to become one body with their spouses. We sometimes wish to have them close to us especially at such times.We take care of the young ones left so that they stay a little bit longer before they come to decide to marry too.

My siblings .. They make me cry so much. They make me to revise my diaries of life.The far I have come. That winning attitude.The lifestyle. O My God, so one day I will be far,far away from them.

We envy others .We envy their rings.How they vow.The altar prayers .The signing of the marriage certificate. The part ‘you may now kiss the bride’ 😘Wow! The dances,.The wedding presents. The presentations.The foods on the High table.The cake🍩. The cutting of the cake.The drinks🍻. It crazy!Hot!🔥

The church is filled with aroma.The aroma….Now you know what I mean.. Ladies ,there is need to have self control to get the right man.Gentlemen, there is need to relax ,caution your eyes to get the right woman. A good example is our parents.



Have you ever had an idea why people proposal .?Have you ever carried out your research why people kill each other as a result of heartbreak?💔Yes,heartbreak is a coincidence one never wishes to happen in courtship, relationship ,dating or in marriage. The heart is a special symbol of love.The heart beats without stopping for your body parts to function well.The heart is a delicate part in your body.The heart is the ONLY part that can carry ,install or comprehend any kind of filth going on in your world. The heart beats faster when danger occurs. The heart never gives up when the stroms get stronger & stronger day by day,,that is why it is difficult for a patient to die faster than an animal as long as treatment goes on.👌

No one in this life can breathe your heart than yourself.No one can get you destroyed as your heart keeps pumping.

Your heart is the reality to life.To live ,love and get heartbreaks💔 is apart of life.Your heart is the reason why you keep moving on with your life. You don’t bother any more even as it happens to another person you see it normal.You get the courage to face the world and tell them the real truth,bitter truth!

Sh*t happens at any time. You also play sh*t to other people to hide your boring life. To hide your filth life ,tears so that they praise you. There are people who attend the church services daily. They get mailings and still have their pasts walking in them.There are people who are silent killers in the making,trying to play with the hearts of their people for selfish gain.They don’t care as long as they get what they want.How does it come about till a girl says “I do”?? How does it come about that after the wedding vows are made by the end of the day ,the honeymoon follows?Who came up with the idea of ” Honey moon”??😊

Weddings happen.Vows are made.Rings are put in place💍. Virginity broken💦.And you ask your mind, Is this a mandatory plan?🔥 No love without it?No love without vows?No love without respect and being responsible? No long lasting marriage without children?No hope for continuity as a (proud wife) or a (proud husband) simply because the world knows your story?No coverage!No speed governor! We know how to ask questions but we don’t know to answer them.May be we know how to answer but poor application for our lives to prospect.

We follow other people thinking they are correct.They forget that they aren’t perfect whatsoever.Our mothers get mocked in the secret chambers by our fathers for us to be cooked tirelessly till the day we come to the terms of life and death. Should we blame them? Our great great grand parents died .They died with knowledge., half spread. I don’t know the Western culture’s way of life. In Africa, cursed was the man who went against the tradition and culture.

Our coming from⭐ is generated, genetated .We cannot go back again.We need to activate our hearts each time so that they don’t fail to beat when things get intense. We need to read deeper into our hearts.We need to charge our hearts with hopes that all will be well.Good things are coming.No matter what people do to us,we should forgive them .,,otherwise we’ll end up losing everything that is of importance to us. We’ll end up regretting in life ,blame other people and yet we are the drivers of our hearts.Lol, we have no option.

It is all about planning .Early planning .The concept of the heart needs time to handle circumstances. You cannot handle a heartbreak💔 if you never involved yourself in love. You cannot handle a tear that you never shed. It is like going to a police station to report your friend and you have no evidence of what he or she did.


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