There are things that look like a nightmare in my life.l do them.l flatter with them.l walk with them .l hide them.

I never ask what will happen inspite of the videos, series played, horrors acted.

Those acting them.are human beings ,likely to be my age or over,,

In one of my best writing moods ,l call this the “Note of honour ” to Jesus.

What is life without salvation??

What is life without credence??

What is life without respect??

Hard terms cannot complete the deeds l make everyday.In secret, they appear to be more stronger than when l stay near people.

I feel like they ate coming to destroy my life,happiness and vibes.

But each time the word of God would come to my ears,,l try so hard to face the reality.

I start recollecting.

God says,”Correct your ways!So fast am coming! ”


So it is true??!

My take.

Large screens will be used for judgement.. I wonder where l will be.

Am living ,breathing pricelessly. Am l not offending my God?

My reader, you will agree with me that so far the book of revelation is almost coming to true..

Read the whole of it.

Personally l did….,,Shock, amusement, enthusiasm a combined l tell you.

Live by the truth..

Part Two is underway…..



We are different.

Yes, we share problems with people we think we trust. We never mind that they might also be a ruin to our lives.

Simply, we have our hearts hidden. Mind hidden.Not unless,, even the best innovated technology might not be 100% like God’s .He created us and that is a fact.

We never like the truth when we often get lectures that seem harsh, offensive.

We wanna run for cheaper escalated views so that we may hide our grievances.

But how about this??

Ever imagined if your own child one day betrays you and you have been so loyal to him or her?

Ever asked your mind why it is impossible at times to convince people to let go of the past??

Definitely, you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with people who are not in the same caliber as yours.

That is life my friend.

Come to think of it..

There are 3 stages of human beings.


This where we do things without knowing whether they are good or bad.

In fact we depend on an older person to direct us so that we grow up knowing how to mandate out lives.

2.)Youth Stage

You lie in between the childhood stage and the adulthood stage..

You now begin to discover that your body is changing. You no longer want to play like a kid anymore.

Thus,growing is a painful process that one cannot stop.


What next?

You are of course moving forward .Taking maturity to the next level.After school,get a job ,marry have kids &Retire as you wait for death to knock.

We have a lot of work to do.Let us not pretend that education is everything .Your plans are mediated by interest,passion and above all the one Above us does the rest more than you do for you to be where you are.

Don’t go bragging like a hypocrite .Live your life to the maximum but worthy of love,peace ,self -control and wisdom…..

Think about it…


Life might be cheap or expensive based on how you plan yourself. Some people think of business to start with, expansion of the business and more so websites to grow their business plans.

Of course ,there are strategies towards your business plan. There are couple of advises you’ll need whether its from friends, families or co-partners.

Have you ever asked your mind why we have WhatsApp groups created, Facebook accounts, Email accounts e.t.c ?? Talk about googling items that will help you,, or perhaps lessons that will build up your next level of memory.


Nobody is perfect apart from the Most Superior being who created us. God created man in His own image & likeness with a reason.

So, the ability installed in you is greater than what people think .Come to think of it,, everyone has a gift ,critical thinking .Go for it!! Just believe in yourself and remember you are fulfilling the mission of God .

My advice , as you think of what to create, you have to create that staff in your mind first and sure other strategies will follow.

2.Listening to the Voice of God

It sounds awkward when you tell a Friend or another person tells you “You need to go back to school!”

Go back to school!!??

Huh, you will go back home offended , hate yourself, that person seemed to have noticed your weakness in one way or another.

“My happiness is my weakness” , “Sharing my staff with idle mind people is a lousy thing”


How you are raised to become is not a big deal , the big deal is how you make that business plan work.


GOD,talks in many ways . But because we are not patient we go ahead and force things to work our way for the fear of laughter from people.

We run up and down looking for a way forward,, this is wrong!!

Go back ,read the word of God, the stories behind the success & failure of the Patriarchs who made not only their families ,the society proud ,,,but also God.

They suffered for us to be where we are today. God should be the first priority whatsoever.


[Is to put something or yourself in a dangerous position.]

For you to be successful, you have to risk in life. You cannot win the battle without fighting. You cannot come out of a battle as a scapegoat without getting injured –Cowardness.

Am a martial artist, l have had several experiences especially when you are sent to a mission. No money and the command says ,”You have to be at MacKinnon for training at exactly 3:00 p.m.” Sometimes you get fixed money and when you get to the bus station, the fare is not the same as to what you have. Still l risk so that one’s talent doesn’t go wasted.

Do I stop training? The little that l have is recommendable thus I move on with it. Am proud of the far I have come ,having completed #10years in Tae Kwon Do.

Am yet to grade as a 1st Dan black belt holder.

For you to be the best you have to taste the best .

4.Don’t Work hard, Work smart!

Trump, Barrack Obama, Mobutu Tseseko, Tabu Ley, Abraham Lincoln and many others were never born genius. They decided to change what they had to a better product. They decided to be the *Change* starting with their own families.

Your background is like an email account. For somebody to get your ,you have to compose it. Compose it in a way one would love it, want to reply to you & get to know you better.

You don’t have to publish a book for you to change the society. Your ways ,so unique can do wonders more than a writer can do. Even we who write articles in our emails and websites we have no option than to capture the minds of our lovely readers.

Nothing comes easy on a silver plate!

5. Let your challenges act s a stepping stone

I used to have a lot of anxiety ever since l discovered my potential in sports and writing books.

My first book ,nowhere to be read, nowhere to be seen. The person who was to make my dreams come true,, is nowhere to be seen😏😏

It was hard for me to believe that my book would no longer inspire people.My friend Beryl Nyengo, advised me to come up with a “website.” Today am spreading my experiences, sharing what I went through for years.

To my reader, Never give up!

I had a dream too ,, in my church l taught myself “drumset” as the only lady after a certain guy by the Grace of God got recruited during the Adminstration Police recruitment.

I saw the need to commit myself to the church activity as a way of inspiring, touching lives through the drum set,but to no avail ,,it never worked out as l opted.

Still , l gathered myself together thanks to the support l got from my best friends and above all my parents have been there the time l needed them the most.

Let people praise you. Remember, not everyone will be impressed with what you do. God is.Believe.

Sunday school ;- Children ministry has been my calling.Children are a blessing to my life. Through this ministry ,l have learnt to be strong in the Lord. My career is worthy to celebrate too.

Carry on friend.

6.Play your Game!

In this world, you will face celebrities, socialites, honourables who passed through the same situation. Be tactical in your leadership skills ,am sure they will come looking for you.

7.Their stories aren’t yoursΒ°

Learn to live a life that is free ,rated with humour. People are different always. You just have to accept the truth and your path will be clean.

8.Come out strong

There are discouragements in life. Imagine having a WhatsApp group you created.Everybody “left” and you remain as the only admin. Others would comment heartbreaking words or ask questions. You will have to keep it active.

At times,we live in denial “Not me” “What will they say!” This kills us slowly by slowly.By the time we come to realise it ,,too late…

8.Expect the Unexpected

You will cross roads with people.They will mess you up.Mock you. It is normal. Some will block you in their phones because you’re making progress and they aren’t.

In fact, they read your staff, ignore it for chicky feeds. It is life.Be slow to anger,serve them all.

9.Think first before you react

No achievements!

No progress!

No impact!

God is in control. Keep walking your vision.

Keep revising your plans and improve on them.

9Proper planning

King Solomon in the bible asked God to give him wisdom.

God granted him for he was ready at the right time.

Is it the right time to plan? Is everything in correct place and order?

10.The evidence

You have to be real, present your plans to the fullest on the ground. That is the spirit of a focused person.


Be a prayer warrior.Let be your daily routine for your plans to have break though overseas.


For you, to be sure of something, you have to monitor, make speculations as many times as possible to avoid coming up with false allegations against another person…

Hh,you cannot live in denial all along. You cannot live pretending that it never happened. There are people who have records since the time you were in your mother’s womb. In fact your own mother had no idea whether you will be born, what name she will give you,,bit the world knew before her.God also knew even before the world came about.

That is why in Genesis 1:1 (GNT), God crested the heaven and earth. Man was created last and given authority over the land.


God created Adam and gave him authority over the Garden of Eden.

Thus He rested on the seventh day. Adam had no excuse whatsoever to say he could not take care of God’s creation.

We have the potential,are we working on it?

Adam was a human being like you and l. He worked tirelessly to make the land look beautiful ,creatures to enjoy the Godly nature & him too.

He could not count like our today’s generation and ask for “amid” payment. Today it is a about money ,money and money …


Well, God has the power over anything and that is the truth of the matter… We do not hold or have anything we can call our own because ,the skills come from him, plants them in our brains then we apply them.

I salute you my God!!

We human beings we still have a lot of work to do, prove it to the maximum,,hence go beyond our own minds. Bear with me my reader….

Tough words to apply,Nevertheless Eve was later created to help Adam since he got so tired at times. Proudly ,out of his ribs came his companion.


What hinders our potential??

πŸ‘‰Too much anxiety.Eve got herself messed up by the Serpent to get the fruit of the forbidden tree. She was anxious to Taste the fruit and see what will happen. We are so anxious in life without realizing the consequences ahead of us.

Genesis 3(GNT)

πŸ‘‰Making irrational decisions.After Eve had tasted the fruit ,,he ended up giving it to Adam .Adam took a bite of the fruit too.Yummy 😝

πŸ‘‰We give the Devil “Awesome credit” in our lives. We give the Devil a chance to take advantage of us simply because we are making progress. He therefore closes our minds and eyes and we go for the unwanted fruits. That is where we fail!

πŸ‘‰We are struggling too much.We work so hard to put food on the table. Thus we don’t care anymore how good enough we can invest in our God given potentials. We work for money.. That is where we fail!Not to sustain!!

πŸ‘‰Poor maintaince. We cry before God. We pray to have good healthy lifestyle like Adam and Eve but we fail to take care of it as supposed. We fail!

πŸ‘‰We forget where we started,how we came about the journey .Adam & Eve had everything they needed but because they wanted to find out the truth they failed.!

πŸ‘‰A double mind.It is so sad when we fail to listen to the Voice of God and end up listening to the voice of the Devil for advice.

Genesis 3:4(GNT)

πŸ‘‰Failure to plan our lives.Lack of proper planning leads to failure.Our progress being to go from bad to worse. Is God to blame? Is your parent to blame?

When Adam was called by God, “Adam!Adam!Where are you?”

Without hesitation, “I heard you My Lord making your way to the garden.l feared because am naked.”

God retorted back to Adam,”It is this woman that you gave me as my companion ave me the fruit to eat.” Blames ,mixed reactions disappointed God. This is where we fail!

God watches us from any point no matter how we hide ourselves, and mistakes are made.

Adam &Eve made a big time mistake. There fore we should not blame them .They were weak human beings just like us.

Many people too made wrong s in the Bible. GraphπŸ“ˆ

Β³Consequences of our potential

πŸ“ƒNakedness.Adam &Eve realized they were naked while in the Garden.We suffer from our own shame we have.lt is a sign of showing us how naughty we are.

Genesis 3:7(GNT)

πŸ“ƒCurses.Adam and Eve got cursed by God for dishonouring the privileges given to them.Same to the Serpent for having interrupted the plans God had for them.We are far away from God .This is dangerousπŸ”Œ.

Genesis 3:14(GNT)

πŸ“ƒUnmerciful suffering.Adam & Eve got themselves thrown away from the Garden of Eden.They had to start a -scratched life with no end.

πŸ“ƒPainful labour. Eve as a woman was forced to give birth in pain, Adam had no choice than to cultivate the land for him to harvest for his family.

πŸ“ƒEnmity. When we fail to give the best in our potential, we tend to destroy our friends’ opportunities.Cain & Abel (brothers). Cain became an enemy to Abel because his harvests weren’t pleasant before God.

Genesis 4:1-15(GNT)

πŸ“ƒUnbearable consequences. Death of Abel made Cain to go through a tough situation by roaming through the City without rest.

Genesis 4:12(GNT)

If in today’s generation ⁴ one cannot survive without waterπŸ’¦ for at least a day,what about seventy times seven times❓

The goodness of God is always fervent even though at times we break the law.

The calling of your potential in reference to Jeremiah’s (The prophet) life in the bible..

➑God knew you before you are born. Jeremiah was called by God at a tender age to proclaim his potential for prophetism.

Jeremiah 1:5(GNT)

➑Believe in your potential. Jeremiah knew not how to speak ,but God gave him the words to speak.

Jeremiah 1:6-7(GNT)

➑Ordination from God. He ordains you in the Spirit for strong service ahead of you.

Jeremiah 1:9(GNT)

➑God gives you Spiritual eyes.God asked Jeremiah ,”What do you see?” Relied Jeremiah, “I see a boiling pot with its mouth facing the North.”

Jeremiah 1:11-13(GNT)

Preparation to your potential

You have the plan. You set the plan.Ready!!

God has to first of all prepare you for the critics ahead of you.;

β–ΆBe Alert!And trouble shall befall the Israelites. Jeremiah had to face the Northern side.God shall call the King’s people of the North.

Jeremiah 1:14-15(GNT)

β–ΆFace the reality! God shall bring JUDGEMENT for having left Him for their castrated needs(Idolatry).

Jeremiah 1:16(GNT)


There is good time to learn ,absorb and ask your parents what happened to them. They found each other for you to come to the world. Stop describing pain to people. Is there no day you would smile??

I wonder why people would marry, interact and share ideas? Can’t one work alone to the end.God gave Adam the ability to be in charge of the garden of Eden.

We hustle a lot but there is good testimony behind our parents. They saw the world before you,they saw the sun shine before you.

They are second God.

Before l would do anything ,caution would come in my mind.I have people who support my career.Am far from them ,I need to call them. I need to ask them a couple of questions to my dismay.

The prodigal son, he asked for his inheritance so that he could make use of it. He used the inheritance on prostitutes, later began to feed with the pigs.

Who is to blame?? When we are growing we tend to act maturely, like we know everything.Young man wants to marry, you just take home your wife and start living.When things get bad we run home for help…

What is so good about “Come we stay marriage?” You don’t want disturbance. Nothing hurts like divorce. Nothing hurts like the both of you have shared almost everything ,systems and now you’re scattered. The children are left alone.

Go back to your parents.

*Pray with them

*Consult with them

*Let them give you final details and how to overcome a complicated situation..

It is no offence to ask questions. We die with our problems for the fear of laughter, friends avoiding us. It is better to be alone than in the company that will let you down.

A big percentage claim to have no jobs, others get a job and the next day they’re sacked.

Your background, curses that lock your dreams.These are some of the things that you need to find out. And if there are such they get prayed for and you begin your life afresh.

It happened sometimes back and we sat dowon as a family and decided to call our pastor to come, pray for us and the property. Today l can sit down and smile .My family is doing good. God us in control of what we hold.

Do something. Grab that opportunity. Don’t cry in the streets and the answer is with your parents.

Love them,build a closer relationship with them and they will help you focus with your goals. When they go wrong,,without hesitation talk to them ,,they will correct.They are human beings and they understand.

Have spiritual parents that you can share what you’re going through. They are in a better position to help you especially in prayer.

My church parents talk the fact about life. Truth be told, it is love.People who love you, will always tell you the truth.

Walk with the truth & it will set you free.

Play maker?? Ask me!


ho is a play maker?? Have you ever wondered why you have the talent that God installed in you?

Before l realized my talent,,I wanted to be so many things like evangelist, motivational speaker, athlete ,K.D.F .

I used to enjoy myself seeing people take their talents seriously. They would go places, some of them are school drop outs but they have good lives ,they earn money .Billions.

Taking a step

My dad asked me, “What!Where!Do you have an interest in anything??”I had fear.Asked so many questions that had no answers.Called on God to give me a way forward.I loved sports .Dreamt about sports.Planned to have a family; Supportive husband ,children.I went back to my dad and retorted, ” I want to join KENYA DEFENCE FORCES.” He gazed at me ,”Are you sure?”

The only thing he told me, “My daughter there are NO ,EXCUSES! You have to work for it… ”

And that was the start to my life in discovering my talent. Since we lived in Scripture Mission, next to Coast Institute Technology college, l decided to make at least three rounds every morning at 5:00 a.m. My mission being to join K.D.F forces.

The Kenya Defence Forces

It is one of the armed forces that kept my mind intact. The way the soldiers react,how they are armed,salute, how they are trained to Risk for the nation & above all , MAINTAIN PEACE in the country.

Why join Kenya Defence Forces

Inspiration. Opportunity knocks once in every man’s door. One day,just seated at home with my family l watched one of the best Kenya Defence Force’s demonstration. The Best Battalion crew.*

They showed their potential for the way to see how they handle this country with love ,devotion for Kenya and peace.Training. The group had only one woman who was so committed,handled men to the extreme…

(Sighk) ..

I never stopped working hard for it knowing that one day I will be among the forces demonstrating and also fighting for my country to always maintain peace with other countries too and the world at large.

The need to risk. I loved to risk ever since l was young. I took it from my daddy and mummy.Why? They raised me up with a lot of confidence ,aggressiveness towards my life & fear God.God is the only person who can make you stronger as you risk. “No nonsense business in the army! ” That is how I describe the Army in words.

Commitment. Whenever the K.D.F would announce the need to have recruits, I took the chance to try my luck. I tried twice but to no avail. Never will l stop trying no matter how long it will take.

Sacrifice. I took Tae Kwon Do seriously in 2009, 10 years of age.That is where I discovered talent.The Forces take so much time in practicing to perfect their demonstration ,thus I do the same to make my body fit for anything that comes my way.

Training. Without it,life in talents becomes a nuisance. One has to somehow “torture” the body to wake up. Pinch the staff. For you to be the best, you have to do exercises .

About the exercises, you can choose to start with ;-

1.) Aerobics.

Do a couple of dance moves of any song a day and relaxing a bit.This makes your body freshen and make the parts work freely in conjunction with the brain.

2.)Yoga &Zhumba dance.

These exercises relief the joints and muscles.The pain of the muscles goes away ,so you feel good ,flexible and at any degree your joints can dance without hustle. You are a dancer too ,all you need is a dance floor, a coach to take you through or a friend who has an interest in sports.


Nobody is born an athlete but there is staff you can do that acts as a resemblance of an athlete..,,.Easy take.,take a watch with you, as you run walking steps keep timing yourself.Today start with 1-5 laps.Tomorrow, run half a kilometre.As the week ends you are able to to not only jog but also run 10-20km. It is a distance!Worthy your chest .

4.)Walk with the people who have a mission like yours.

What do I mean by this?There are people who surround you .Some will add , multiply , subtract & divide value in your life especially in talents. Automatically, you have a friend.Is he or she opening your eyes to see an eagle that flies high or higher? Is he or she trusted with your components of talent.??

The components of talent in a play maker


What can you create out of experience ?What can you mould to become a useful product?Can you create a situation that can solve a situation.?


How sharp are you? This means ,the little that you have created ,you have to use it like ;- advertise it to friends, demonstrate it when you have time.

Before l recently joined Deepseas Tae Kwon Do clubπŸ‘Š,, in my former club; Wakwetu Tae Kwon Do club, we took the initiative to demonstrate Tae Kwon Do to schools, government organisations, talent extravaganza & mostly in the he governmental ceremonies or holidays.People spread the nws about this martial art and the need to #rescuegirlchild from sexual assault,abuse and rape.Today many people and thanks to the support from our coach and parents.


For your talent to succeed, grow and mature you have to listen and understand what direction you want to take .The truth of the matter is that ,you have to come out strong,tell the world you ate in dire of the talent that you have.Have your plans set,contribute to it.Am sure they will support you .

A pen & a notebook*

Many young people today ,think that it is awkward to walk everywhere with a book and a pen.Not only pastors carry such stationery ,but also Non pastors.

Write everything you know about life, your name,what you want to pursue in life, your career with short and long term goals.

I have my books and it has been a good master in my life.Success is a process ,,one has to pass through ups and downs ,sweat and win the battle.

Keeping God first*

A good play maker is a good “Prayer warrior!” God will always guide you to walk in His ways so that talent can stand firm ,blessed and protected by Him.


You cannot say you want to build castles in the air without proper complete planning.That building will definitely collapse. Same to talents,a good play maker should be a one who is understandable ,straight foward & ready to be corrected.

Vision, mission & motto

A good play maker would be an extraordinary person, whose details are narrowed down to the point.Don’t let people think “the common.” Be unpredictable, that way you will be able to work out your plan with ease.

They are so many ,but the listed above are the Main facts that will help you. There will never be a day like the one you have now to change your life.

If you love your talent ,you will toil for it.


Struggle is like a very big cliff that one cannot climb.lt is an elastic spring that stretches out fast. It is like an ocean that does not dry up. It is like a Bunsen burner that must be lit to produce a flame. A tarmac road that is full of potholes. A ball played in the field– Agatha Choki..

Our succession periods are planned by God. He is the main reason towards our daily activities. He gave man capabilities & abilities that is why technology is involved.

There are things that you can do and l can’t. There are some l can do & you can’t. Truth be told, we are different.

There are people who take time to accept the truth. There are people who never mind what happens to them , in fact, they think it is normal but in real sense it isn’t.

I remember missing several Tae Kwon Do championships that lose hope in this talent.

I wrote my first book immediately l completed class 8. Someone decided to help me out but it never pushed through.

At this point, l never involved my parents because l claimed that they would deny my m chance(anxiety). My mama knew later on what l had done.

My papa was so furious like the “furious five” but that did not stop me from thinking hard.

After all l was not the first one ..l once read Hey do nothing be nothing ,by DR.GONYE .J.M ,l got inspired so much.

We blame people when we count more hinderances than great ambitions.

Yet to make our Valentine booming… I still 😘😘😘🌷 My baby..


Today is Valentine’s day 🌷🌷

Am in a dilemma of the words to grant you. Baby you saw me in the midst of them all, approached my heart with a hat- trick to love you.

Today , am still holding it for you. Am selling off my target to my equals that “I WILL WAIT FOR YOU NO MATTER HOW LONG.

You are my admirer and l cannot explain it. You will one day be the father of my children ,,

May God keep you alive to see out love🌷 grow. May God protect you from misfortunes and always keep your word standing for our bondage.

As others are celebrating their moments ,,l wish them the best of luck..

Don’t let the lions prey on my heart, love.

It is hard to let go of the moments of promise.

We are fighting this moment to keep our maturity strong.

Your heart is my contentment.

Happy Valentine’s day baby


Setting of the sun and rising could be two different things.

One would never understand but what happens when you make your own decisions?

Everybody or somewhere people think yo are crazy..what game are you playing?? Does it have benefits?Does it play??

Those are obvious questions that you might see them as imposed merely.

You need this game.You need celebrations.You need support.You need someone to tell you “Congratulations, you did your best

It ends there.

The day l told my dad n mum “I have made up my mind to join Ta e Kwon Do” it was 2009 ,class 5.

It was crazy,balancing at a tender age.Studies and Tae Kwon Do.

To my dear parents,

Children at born but aren’t the same in a way.They are blessed and abled differently.

All you need to do is encourage your child on the need to struggle and survive for the fittest.

Only the strong survive..

Having spent 10 yrs in TKD.Having got coached by many players and now l can stand up and say a word along men..


I admit that almost all the games are male dominated but women #Rescuegirlchild r fighting to keep alive the womanhood at a state where everyone would truly say ” MY DAUGHTER DESERVES IT

Mentally, Spiritually, Physically once Tae Kwon Do feeds in, then be assured you are good to go.

A good player, good coach would not

*Look for money

*Hanging out loosely and there are techniques to learn

*It keeps one busy from getting early pregnancy as for the girls.

There is nothing as good as living a life that is hopeful.




That is how martial is Worthy

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