God I thank you for the family that you gave me. I look at how issues are solved and I give it a distinction because no one answers the other in a rude way. No matter how much embarrassing the issue is it will never be felt like something that is big and difficult.

So many families quarrel to death or get angry and run away. Other parents don’t mind the future of their children. I happened to watch Hope TV ,,a father (A War Room) worked in a big company in USA,bought a car and built a mansion. He later lost all these for he never involved God in everything that he did.The mother had a good job. They were blessed with a daughter ,10 yrs old who believed that their parents would come our from destruction to love.

The mother ,met an old woman from her neighbourhood who decided to motivate and challenge her that things would be better than love. She went back home,started praying to God for a fresh start.She gave her life to Christ. In her prayers she would mention the father of the house. Put note pages on the wall. The note pages on the wall,, changed him for good.

Just an empty room in the house became a PRAYER ROOM. They sold the house two days after.The father got a job in another City and today they are among the hundreds of billion families living together in peace and serving God. Touching lives in the foundation ,children’s home ,schools & prisons.



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am passionate and ambitous writer .👤

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  1. It’s good to have something to believe in that helps you focus on the positive in your life and have the faith to see it through. Most never apply their faith in all they do. That is the key – if it is part of who you are, no matter what faith it is. I am a Nichiren Buddhist. Having faith in what I believe and not just brandish it about saying I’m a Buddhist, or a Christian like many do, but they don’t practice what the faith believes. That makes you more of a phony than anything else. I don’t believe there is only one path that has all the answers and if you don’t practice that faith you will go to hell. I see many in the state of hell around me. Unfortunately most people only use their faith when they have a problem. It is not a way of life, so they don’t learn and grow as human beings. They are waiting for a higher power to fix their problems instead of acquiring the wisdom to fix it themselves. Have a great day and enjoy your life.


    1. The problem is that we think differently…Work differently .But what people need to understand is that God is the same today, tomorrow He will never change.He accepts all ..Happy to know you..That is love,support to Mae each other be strong. Let us keep that and love binding..


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